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The Mentality

The Mentality

Align your mindset and start thinking strategically. 

Get rid of mental blocks, see opportunities and free yourself! 

Both mentoring Mentoring | Makeup The Journey of Learning, as for Master of Makeup Training, have modules aimed at developing your successful mindset!

The Technique

The Technique

Start from scratch

If you are thinking of transforming your makeup hobby into a profitable profession, we can help you. You will learn both the techniques and the strategies and skills needed to undertake.

Upgrade your skills

Are you already a makeup artist, but feel stagnant, don't know what the next step to take or simply want to learn new techniques? Check out our courses and find out what works best for you at this point in your career.

The Business

The Business

Expand your knowledge beyond makeup techniques and learn how to turn your talent and skills into a highly profitable business!

The Advertising

The Advertising

Learn to advertise your work in a way that generates desire and attracts new customers every day. Learn about photography, marketing and more! 

Raphael Oliver Academy courses and tools have already helped these makeup artists move forward!

“I'm halfway through the course [Master of Makeup]. It's spectacular! Don't miss out on this wonder. 
Everything is very well explained and detailed.”

Andrés Felipe

Makeup artist | Ecuador 🇪🇨

I have never encountered this type of course before. [Master of Makeup] Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge. Please never remove any part of this course, I want to watch it again and again!”

Rupali Vishal

Makeup Artist | India 🇮🇳

“Congratulations to the whole team for the quality, from the teaching method to the platform. It has been a very good experience taking this course [Master of Makeup].”

Rita Naira

Makeup artist | Angola 🇦🇴

All of our courses and materials are available in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Audio available in Portuguese and English.

Meet your teacher

Raphael Oliver

Giving makeup courses in Brazil and around the world since 2013, Raphael Oliver is one of the reference makeup artists and educators in the makeup market.

Known in Brazil and the world, Raphael Oliver has already visited many countries such as: United Arab Emirates, Turkey, United States, Ecuador, Colombia, and India, taking his knowledge to dozens of students.

Raphael Oliver's mission is to help makeup artists succeed in their professional careers by improving makeup techniques and knowledge about marketing, photography and entrepreneurship. He is also trained in Marketing, Photography & Mentoring.

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Discover our courses and specializations

Our recorded courses are strategically designed with a progressive methodology to prepare you to achieve remarkable results. Choose one and get started right now!

Makeup artist training

A course taught by Raphael Oliver

Learn all about makeup as a profession. From techniques, to marketing and photography.

Career mentoring

A course taught by Raphael Oliver

Learn how to structure and organize your career to constantly grow. 


A course taught by Raphael Oliver

Learn the technique that transforms your regular makeup into super water, sweat and friction resistant makeup and stand out!

Included as a bonus when purchasing the course Master Of Makeup.*

Discover our masterclasses

Experience our masterclasses: classes take place live and recordings are available for purchase later. Premium quality of sound and image, certificate and list of products included!

Watch it live

A course taught by Raphael Oliver

The Live Masterclass is a regular event. Sign up to participate in live classes followed by a Q&A session with global makeup educator Raphael Oliver.

Masterclass recording

A course taught by Raphael Oliver

In this issue, we feature two incredible makeup looks: a daring black skin look with graphic eyeliner and an Arabian-style bridal look. Don't miss it!

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The course is fully recorded and hosted on Raphael Oliver Academy's own platform. As soon as payment is identified by the system, an email with login data is sent immediately so you can access the course.

Yup. Immediately after completing all the classes you will be able to generate your online international certificate signed by Raphael Oliver directly through the platform.

Each course has its access time determined on the enrollment page, be aware of this information before purchase. We have trainings that vary from 01 year to up to 03 years of access. Can be extended for a special price if you wish.

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You can watch whenever and wherever you want through any device with internet access. Whether smartphone, computer, tablet, notebook or TV.

For sure. Our methodology is tested and approved by hundreds of students. What we have brought to our platform is not only what we already teach in our face-to-face courses, but with much more depth, since here we are not limited by time.

If you comply with the activities proposed in the program, we are sure that you will be one of our successful cases.

In addition to having access to numerous new, organized and easy-to-understand and learning information, you will still have complete freedom to organize your study schedule the way you want, without having to spend on travel costs, accommodation, etc. You can watch from anywhere in the world and from any device connected to the internet.

Yup. Within the platform there is a section for comments under all classes where you can leave questions. 

Or, it is still possible to use our support panel and open a ticket with your question, either about the platform or about a makeup class itself, and our team or even Raphael will answer your question.

After purchase, the courses are available to be watched within the Raphael Oliver Academy platform, and you can watch from a computer, cell phone or tablet.

All our courses have audio in Portuguese and English. In addition to subtitles and materials translated into Portuguese, English and Spanish. 

All our courses are designed to bring about a transformation in our students, so they follow a gradual release schedule during the first week, which is the preparation week, and then they are fully available so you can adapt your study schedule to your routine.

All of our courses have PDF materials with class summaries, exercises, and lists of products used in makeup classes with their respective replacement options for global brands.

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Event Schedule

Day 01:

09:00 – 9:15 | Opening + Important notices

9:15 – 10:15 | Skin preparation

10:15 – 10:30 | Interval 

10:30 – 13:00 | Eyes, lips and finish

13:00 – 13:30 13:00 – 13:30 | Q&A + announcements + day one wrap up.

Day 02:

09:00 – 9:15 | Opening + Important notices

9:15 – 10:15 | Skin preparation

10:15 – 10:30 | Interval 

10:30 – 13:00 | Eyes, lips and finish

13:00 – 13:30 13:00 – 13:30 | Questions and answers + Closing + Instructions for issuing the certificate.